Monday, December 7, 2015

my name, a poem

you never even said my name

you opened my eyes and made me come alive again
after I thought I was too withered to be revived

you gave to me a spark of wonder
and curiosity
and a thirst for things I had never known

but I’ve never heard my name come across your lips
never had it whispered in a moment of passion
never known if it would sound like a song
or a curse

something shifted-
did I open up too far
too fast
did I scare you with my exuberance

I am so tired of living in a shell
closed off from the world
afraid that if I let myself shine
I would blind someone
and they would run away

I’m not sorry
I am so much more now
I don’t want to go back into the emptiness
and the fear
I am so much happier out here 
in the sunlight

but I wish I could have heard you say my name

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