Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Would Choose You

I would choose you. Right now. Today. A hundred times, over and over; I would choose you. 

When I get to the end of my life, I don't want to look back and regret that you never knew what I felt for you. Because when you think someone is special, they should know. Everyone deserves to know that someone thinks they're amazing. 

But right now, today, I'm not ready to hear that you wouldn't choose me, too. So I'll keep it to myself. Just for now. But I have every intention of telling you someday. That I think you're amazing. That I love the way I feel in your arms. That my heart beats a little faster when I hear your voice. That if it were up to me, I would choose you and it would be me and you against the world. Because I think we could really pull it off. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

You've carried a child in your body. You met your child after she was born. You've loved a child for a moment and sent him home. You said goodbye way too soon. 

You have lost sleep, wiped noses and bums, and nursed her through illness. You have seen first steps, first days of school, and first crushes. You have prepared macaroni and cheese one thousand three hundred and twenty seven times. This year. 

You have read the same book over and over. You have remembered the formula to find the hypotenuse. You have poured over books and articles. You have sat through countless doctor's appointments. You have made the hard choice to try medication.  You have radically altered your family's diet to keep someone healthy. 

You have helped her with her veil. You have held his babies in your arms. You have helped them pack to move across the country. You have mastered the art of Skype. 

For all of you, be you aunts or mothers, grandmothers or great grandmothers, you have impacted lives. You are carried in someone's heart. You have changed the world. 

Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 6, 2016

To My Future Love

I don't know your name or what you look like.  I don't know where you live or how many years you have lived on this planet in this lifetime.  I don't know if I will be your first love or if you have had your heart broken before.  I don't know if you've loved deeply and fully, but I know you will when you're ready.

I do know that your smile reaches all the way to your eyes and your laughter lights up the room.  This will draw me to you.  I love to laugh.  We will laugh a lot together.

I know that you will have your own ideas and opinions and that sometimes we will not agree on things.  I like that you are respectful in your discourses and your mind is open and willing to hear someone else's perspective.

I know that you are wildly passionate about many things.  Our passions might not always be the same, but I am glad you love certain things as deeply as you do.  I want wild passion in our lives.

I don't know if you have children of your own, but I do know that you enjoy children.  You understand that childhood is fleeting and the sound of children's laughter is the most magical sound in the world.

I know that you have good friends.  People that you share your secrets with, and in turn, you help carry theirs.  Good friends like this are hard to find, and I am so glad you have them in your life.

I don't know if you have travelled more than I have, but I know you understand the feeling of wanderlust.  The desire to explore hidden corners of this world and experience new things.  I know that we will enjoy traveling together and discovering new moments that take our breath away.

My future love, I don't know how long you will be in my life.  If you are the love of a moment or the love of the rest of my lifetime.  I do know, that when the time is right, I will be very excited to meet you.  I will be excited to learn your name and what you look like.  To learn where you've lived and hear about some of the years you have been on his planet in this lifetime.  I will be excited to love you and laugh with you; to discover your passions; to lose my breath.