Friday, December 11, 2015

depression- a plea for sleep, a poem

i just want to sleep

i know that’s not the healthy thing to do
but it’s what i want

i want to curl up in my bed
pull the blanket over my head
and sleep until the sorrow is gone

my eyelids are so heavy
my shoulders feel the physical weight of my problems
my hips and back ache

the muscles in my face don’t seem to be working
i can’t use them to smile
or tell you what i need
sometimes they twist into a scowl that i’m not conscious of making

i need to do things
i just can’t make myself
i can’t will myself into acting normal
because i don’t feel normal
i feel like i’m drowning
under a barrage of attack waves
never catching my breath
i just want to let them lull me peacefully to sleep

i don’t want to talk
i can’t even listen
just give me peace
let me sleep

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