Tuesday, December 22, 2015

hope, a poem

the days are brighter
the days seem lighter
the possibilities are bigger
and more inviting

i feel lighter
like anything is possible

really, my days will not change much
work, home, children, repeat
but the bright, vast openness of the future
is inviting
and invigorating

i can do anything
i can go anywhere
i can touch the vast reaches of space
when they seemed so closed off to me before
anything is possible

i am excited
and nervous
but mostly excited

this is my day
i can do anything
i want to do everything
i want to do it alone
for me

this feeling
this bright glittery feeling
it lights my insides on fire
like eating a hundred lightening bugs
a little bit fluttery
a little bit sick
a lot excited

i can’t wait to see what’s comes next

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