Tuesday, December 8, 2015

in sorrow, a poem

i’m sorry

for not loving you enough
for keeping myself hidden from you
for pretending for so long

i’m sorry i didn’t tell you
i’m sorry lied
i’m sorry i let you believe
in a person who never was

you deserve someone who lights up
like the moon
not someone wishing to be a star
billions of miles away

i wish i could learn
how to be okay not being alone
i’m not ready yet
i still need

i took the love you offered
and ran away with it
it made me feel safe
and normal

i took what you gave never asking for more
but i needed more
and so did you

the love we shared was small
and fragile
like the tiniest of candles held up to the wind

you deserve big
take your tiny flame
add it to another tiny flame
give it something to burn
make it big
make it bright
just make it

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