Tuesday, January 19, 2016

love me in the quiet, a poem

love me in the quiet
with my makeup off
and my hair a mess

love me in my sweats
curled up with a book
in someone else’s world

love me when i’m crying
when my heart is breaking for someone else
when it hurts so much i can’t breathe

love me when i’m angry
filled with righteous indignation
or even just petty spite

love me when i’m happy
with the laughter bubbling over
and a twinkle in my eye

love me in the bedroom
with your head on my chest
trying something new

love me in the kitchen
where i dance and sing
where i am the master of culinary creation

love me when i’m sleeping
teeth brushed, face washed
my body pressed against yours

love me when i’m busy
getting the kids ready for school
running ceaseless errands

love me in the quiet
when everything around us has stopped
when it is just you and me
when the day is filled with an abundance of nothing that turns into everything
when everything else fades away
love me there

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