Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's Go Slow

Let’s go slow.

I know this may seem silly since I invited you into my bed after having known you for only five days, but let’s go slow.  

What we have right now is the beginning.  The beginning of something magical.  
Let’s revel in the newness of it.

We may not have many more beginnings again, so let’s go slow.  

My hips fit perfectly into the crook of yours while we sleep.  Let’s enjoy that.
My head fits perfectly under your chin when we dance.  Let’s enjoy that, too.
Your lips fit perfectly in between mine when we kiss.  I definitely enjoy that.

I love your eyes,
your laugh,
the tilt of your chin.

You love my eyes,
my lips,
the way I surprise you.

Let’s keep loving these things.  
The small parts of ourselves and each other.  
Eventually we will love the sum of all the parts.
But not yet.

Once we love it all, there is no going back.  No slowing down.  
Once we love all of the great things, we are forced to see some of the not-so-great things.  

I know they’re there.  I’m not scared of yours.  I’m scared of showing you mine.  And maybe you already know they’re there, too.  But I’ve been hurt.  I’m not ready for you to see.  I’m not ready to know that you see.  

So let’s go slow.  Let’s take it one tender kiss at a time.  One long, powerful, soul quenching kiss. One earth shattering fuck.  Let me hear you say my name while I’m shaking in your arms.  One at a time.  For today, and tomorrow, and however many tomorrows we have after that.  

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