Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Touch Me

Kiss my forehead when you wake up.
Put your arm around my waist when you stand next to me.
Hold my hand when we walk together.
Rub my shoulders and kiss my neck while I'm washing dishes.
Scratch my back while we're watching tv.

I will run my fingers along the underside of your arm, and rub the back of your head.
I will wrap my arms around your waist from behind.
I will rub your shoulders and your neck.
I will hold your hand in public; I will let the world know that you are mine and you are important to me.
I will kiss your cheek when I have shocked you and I want to make you smile.

Touch me so that I feel connected to you.
Touch me outside of the bedroom so I don't feel like only a sexual object.
Touch me in public.
Touch me when we are alone.
Touch me all day long and you will find that the nights are warmer.

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